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SEO Website Design & Internet Marketing for Real Estate Agents and Realtors

The most important aspect of your website, web pages, and social media platforms is exposure. Realtors and real estate agents need their property listings to be found quickly in internet searches and these pages need to emphasize and encourage social media interactions.

The Top Social Media Networking Sites for Small Business Owners

There are hundreds of social media networking websites, all with different features and varying levels of popularity and relevance to different companies. Many small business owners simply do not spend the time to keep connected to them and learn the advantageous that each might have for their business.

Twitter Announced it has Shortened Tweets with URLs From 140 Characters to 117

If you use the popular social media network Twitter often, you may have noticed that tweets containing URLs have been shortened from 140 characters to 117, or 116 with a secure URL address (https:// vs. http://). If you have preloaded tweets generated in your web pages, websites, or blogs, this change by Twitter may adversely affect some of your content and require changes to databases or across several text files or web pages.

5 Tips for Creating an Internet & Social Media Marketing Plan

It is very important for a brand to have a cohesive internet marketing plan for its content and to know how to utilize the social media tools available to increase audience reach and interaction! These are just a few things to consider when creating, promoting, and socializing your content in order to increase viral and organic pages views.

Artist, Musician, and Band SEO Website Design and Promotion

Professional website development for artists, musicians, and bands in your area. Log in and manage shows, website announcements, and more!

Bilingual (English / Spanish) Internet Marketing, Social Media, and Website Design and Development

There is a continuously growing Spanish speaking, Latino consumer market and small businesses need to ensure that they are taking every effort to tap into it. By offering, products, services, and information to Hispanic internet consumers, business can gain new revenue streams and growth in exciting new ways.

Is Your Website & Internet Marketing Plan Working?

When asked if their internet marketing plan is working, many small business owners cannot even answer! When it comes to internet marketing and website development, most small business owners are simply at the mercy of a website designer or office staffer who oversees all aspects of the internet marketing plan.

(SEO) Search Engine Optimization & Organic Page Ranking

Today, most companies and local merchants have developed an online presence that attributes to new growth, sales, and referrals. However, an informative website that effectively outlines your products and services is not enough to generate new business on its own. In order for your internet marketing to be effective, your content has to be quickly and easily found in the places internet users look for their information, like popular search engines Google, Bing, and Yahoo!.

Blogging Can Be A Usefull Resource For Small Businesses

Publishing a blog is a great way to market your small business on the internet. Millions of people search for information daily on the internet, researching products, services, even looking for the latest in style and in fashion. By simply sharing information about your products and services, you can be providing the content that internet users find to make decisions.

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