Encouraging Healthy Development

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Encouraging Healthy Development

When kids start attending formal school, there are a lot of things that parents should be mindful of. From moving forward with various curriculums to trying to figure out the best way to teach a child to listen in class, it really makes a big difference when you stop to think about how things are working for your child, and what you can do to assist them. On this simple website, you can learn how to encourage healthy development in a child, and how to foster great learning so they learn to love school every single day. Check out these blogs for more advice.


Everything You Need To Know About A Career In Accounting

29 September 2020
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If you have always been good with numbers or enjoy doing work as a bookkeeper, you may want to consider going to accounting school and studying to become an accountant. What does an accountant do? An accountant documents all the financial transactions for a company, creates expense reports, and analyzes profit and loss statements (or P&L statements). They may even manage accounts payable and accounts receivable for the company they work at. Read More …

Teaching Your Students About The Internet? Ideas For You

16 June 2020
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Students often take the internet and having access to it for granted. They may not even know of a time when Wi-Fi and data plans did not exist and smartphones were not so prevalent. If you are trying to teach your students about the internet, its history, and how it benefits their lives, you may be looking for creative ways to teach those lessons. Get to know a few ways that you can go about teaching your students more about the internet and its history. Read More …

Are You Wondering What Is An Appropriate Learning Activity For Preschoolers? 3 Questions That Help You Identify One

14 May 2020
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The preschool years are a time when children begin to exhibit more independence and an interest in learning new things. Parents and educators of preschoolers can tap into this time of curiosity and wonder to help children learn many basic skills that they will use for the rest of their life such as how to read and write. While most people understand that kids this age should be learning their letters and numbers, it is sometimes hard to know when an activity is appropriate for the child. Read More …

Montessori Education, The Child Care Center Setting, And Your Toddler

12 February 2020
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Is a Montessori child care center right for your child? If you're not sure what type of day care center to choose for your toddler, take a look at the top Montessori questions answered. Are Toddlers Too Young to Start Montessori? Montessori education isn't just for older children. Unlike traditional daycares or preschools, Montessori schools group children together in multi-age classrooms. Children under age three are typically in the same infant/toddler room, while Montessori " Read More …

5 Reasons Daycare Is Good for Your Child

10 February 2020
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As your child continues to grow up, their needs will change. Before they reach their school-age years, you may begin to consider investing in daycare. This is a good option if you need help with childcare, and also want to help your child learn, meet other friends, and prepare for their future school years. There are daycare programs of all sizes and types. Here are some reasons daycare is good for your child: Read More …